Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Little Boy and a little bird...


Meet Robin, Josiah's fast new friend.

Yes, Jojo's three and a half and will one day hate me for this blog post. But, he LOVES this bird (and I had to share it....).

Our big boy sleeps with Robin.  I've watched him whisper secret, lovely things to this tiny bird. He carries him around our home while chirping Robin's comments to us. He almost took him to show and tell at preschool, but decided against it when weighing the possibility of losing him in a new place.

A few nights ago, Josiah perched this little bird on my shoulder. I read his books, sang his songs, prayed with him, and cuddled him. My heart ached. Jojo so despretly wants to be big. He calls himself "big brother" and reminds me daily that he wants to grow up so he can "drive a car and cook." And so often I want that, too. I want him to be more independent. I want my own time. I want to brush my teeth and wash my face without someone crying or asking for a snack.

Yet, the sweet, tender Robin-loving moments are fading. Soon he will realize that it's not cool for a boy to love a robin (and tote him in a plastic grocery cart around the neighborhood). Soon the excitement for the sweet and simple will be gone. He will truly be BIG and these moments will only be treasured as faint snapshots of this mama's heart.   

Lord, teach me to soak up the present... to love the everyday. Help ME to love the sweet. Help ME to love the simple. Help me to realize that all of these moments are but fading themselves in view of eternity with You. Amen.

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