Wednesday, July 4, 2012


"Oh, fear the Lord, you his saints for those who fear him have no lack! The young lions suffer want and hunger; but those who seek the Lord lack no good thing." Psalm 34:9-10

I feel lost this week. Gone is the "normalcy" of Camp life-- three meals a day in a dining room filled with screaming and laughter and banging of cups and clattering of dishes; life lived in close proximity to other moms who know me and share the same purpose; the quietness of the forest to play in; long mornings lived at the beach; two tired, dust-covered boys to sleep in a tiny room beside us. Fourteen and a half summers lived in this place. This beautiful place, Eagle Lake Camp.

Things are different, but not wrong. Not bad. I remind myself of this often right now. I am thankful for all in which we have been blessed. Our sweet, safe home in Colorado Springs, good friends who keep reaching out to me so I don't cave into my loneliness, love poured out through emails, letters, and conversations from those far away, and the precious words my Father whispers in my time with Him. "Trust me. I've got you. This isn't new to Me. I see you. I love you.I am for you." 

Many of our staff had the opportunity to return to camp a few days ago. They were able to grab personal belongings of our summer and full-time staff. Much of  Pike National Forest looks devastated in many areas. Much around Camp looks that way, but the heart of camp is still green. GREEN. I must write that again....the heart of Camp is still if cupped in the hand of God.  A few things were lost: a cabin, a couple of sheds, a couple of tent platforms. The big structures still stand.

The Cross at Eagle Lake--still standing!
 (Picture taken by fire fighter at EL via Jack McQueeney)

This week begins the first stage of rebuilding. Mark and the faithful Eagle Lake team are putting together plans for how to move forward. Day Camp resumes at Glen Eyrie next week. We are preparing for our first Mobile Day Camp week. We are organizing staff Bible studies with the staff left in the Springs. We are moving forward. We are trusting that all of this is for our good. Most of all, we are trusting in He who IS good. For those who seek Him will lack nothing good.