Sunday, June 24, 2012

Hoping and Praying....

As many of you know, the Waldo Canyon Fire has been threatening Eagle Lake Camp for the last day and a half. We arent sure what God is doing, but we do know that God is God alone. Above Him there is no other. His love abounds, His mercy endures, and He is not deaf to the cries of His people. I haven't wanted to write this post. It just makes it all the more real. Didn't I just write about all the memories this place holds in my heart? Just last Wednesday, Mark and I sat atop Ravens Crag on our date night. We were praying about Camp, how long God would keep us in this beautiful place, if we could ever really say goodbye. Things are different now. We are unsure of so many elements. We ARE hoping and praying. Pray with us. Pray for safety, trust, and wisdom as we make many decisions. Today, the simple is such a blessing. A home, two silly boys who fill this place with laughter, safety of our staff, and gracious outpourings of love from so many. We are blessed and we are trusting Him. Lord, we are willing. Bring Your rain. Jen


  1. Standing with you in prayer, Jen!

    1. Jen, Tommy and I are praying for all of you as you wait and pray. God is in control and we are looking for Him to work out His purpose and plan in this seemingly catastrophic event. His promise is that it will work out for your good - and His glory! We are believing His strong arms surround you and will keep you in His care. We love you. Dianne