Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Quest for Peace

God is faithful each summer to teach us things we thought we already knew. This summer is no different. He is stretching us to trust Him, depend on Him, and seek His favor above all else.

Each Saturday evening we spend time in Bible study with our summer staff. These studies are intended to be small in number in hopes that accountability, change, and deep discussion will occur. We challenge our staff to spend three to four hours weekly in their study. They dig deep into either a specific topic, passage, or character from the Word of God.

Last week, the girls in my study asked God for specific things for which to pray. We were challenged that often our prayers are routine...boring....mundane. We wanted to ask big of our big God. While journaling, I began to ask God for peace in my home. He spoke some hard things to me. My definition of peace....classical music, quiet, calm, obiedence...isn't what I asked God for when we were struggling with infertility. What I wanted then was the patter of feet and shrieks of joy. I would have given anything to have the home we have now. So often I forget to remember God's blessings and fulfillment of promise.

God continued to speak deeper things to me. Specifically, that peace in our home, begins with me. It begins with my self-control. MY dying to self to invest in my children in loving, peaceful ways. MY choice to battle (with gentleness) when tantrums abound. MY choice to pray fervently for their souls to fall in love with the things of God. God is doing a good, hard work in me and I am thankful. Here are a few pictures from the last week:
Our sweet boys waking up after afternoon naps. Of course Josiah's beloved Cow is in the picture.

Jen and Noah at Festival morning during Shock week

Mark, attempting to complete some office work while Noah sleeps

Noah Wyles, already a fan of Eagle Lake Camps!!

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  1. How glad I am that your mom reminded me of your blog this morning! I have visited, read it all, oohed and aahed at the precious pictures and felt close to you all! The boys are growing so fast! Can hardly wait to be with you in August and in September! You are a good model for me as I read of your determination to continue to grow in His Word and be more and more the woman He wants you to be. Sometimes I forget that sanctification is a life-long process. "Forgive me, Father, for taking breaks here and there." Hope you're having a great week at camp! Love you all bunches! Judy